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All Windows Are Created Differently

We have looked at thousands of installed windows over the years. Tested them. Checked them for leakage. Checked them for sun infiltration. We know windows, trust me.

So when it came time for us to begin selling them, we knew exactly the ones we wanted sell. We wanted the ones that were the best combination of low cost, strength, warranty claims against and looks.

You know how the old saying goes, “You Get What You Pay For”, right? Well, sometimes that is definitely true. Sometimes, it’s not.

In Kansas City, what we found working with thousands of families was that most people were getting MUCH LESS than what they paid for. That’s why we started selling windows. Really! We wanted to fix the issues we kept seeing over and over again.

replacement windows Lee's Summit, MO
replacement windows Lee's Summit, MO

What To Look For In A Window

You NEED to get a window that is Energy Star Rated. Once a window reaches that level, it’s got what you need to insulate from the outside and block the sun from coming in during the Summer. Are many of your windows in the back of your house and getting blasted by the afternoon sun? Then, yes—Triple pane windows might be needed. Other than that, double pane gives you everything you need, AS LONG AS THEY’RE Energy Star Certified. That means they are coated on 3 or more sides with Low Emissivity coating and they are filled with Argon or similar between the panes.

No, the $189, $199 or whatever other cheap windows don’t fit the bill. But once you get to the $400ish level and above, they are all Energy Star Qualified. So why pay $600, $800 or even $1,200 for the same window, you ask? Exactly. We’ve been asking that for years.

Many window companies tout the fact that their windows are made of some material that sounds like they just mashed three words together like FibAluminex. That’s made up, just like you thought.. They say their windows are stronger and last longer and don’t warp. Maybe, maybe not. It’s a made-up word, so it’s hard to tell. But I’ll let you in a a little secret that changed everything for me:

All windows nowadays come with a Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty. Ours included. So the way I look at it, who cares if the window warps in 20 years? Free replacement. Broken sash? Free replacement. That’s true with virtually all windows you’ll find in the Kansas City area. So why buy a $1,200 window because it will last longer when you can buy a $400-$500 window that you can have replaced for free if something ever goes wrong with it? Don’t waste your money.

This part is really important, too.   Aside from the Energy Star ratings on the window, the other problem that we find with windows (even great, ultra-expensive windows) is that if they are installed poorly, air will get in around the outsides, causing drafts in your home, letting in moisture, bugs, etc. Bad deal. We see it every day.

And here’s another little secret: Packing insulation around the frame doesn’t stop air flow…It just slows down the air flow a bit. I see people advertise that on TV all the time, and it’s simply not correct. Perfectly sealed windows, all the way around is the only option. And we have master installers, not subcontractors (many of the big companies just use random crews they find) and we can even test your windows with a fancy high-tech blower door test once the installation is complete to prove the windows were installed exactly as the manufacturer specifies .

Whether the window is FibAluminex or Solid Kryptonite, if they’re not installed well, mis-measured or not sealed, you’re not going to be happy with what you paid for.

A lifetime warranty is the standard in the window business these days. If somebody isn’t giving you a lifetime warranty, move on. Simple as that.

I promise to make sure your experience with replacing your windows is a great one – that’s something I do every day.

– Ben Meyer, Owner of Star Energy Windows & Doors

What’s The Bottom Line?

The bottom line is, DON’T OVERPAY FOR WINDOWS. Please. I’ve seen it so many times. Don’t be sucked in by super low prices, and don’t be fooled by strength claims or outlandish energy savings claims. Just get a good, ENERGY STAR RATED window from somebody you trust, at a fair price. If you’re paying much more than $500 for a window, you’re probably paying too much. If you’re paying upwards of $1,000 (or even more), just don’t. Build a deck, take a vacation, add tile to your master bathroom, whatever. Windows shouldn’t cost that much.

Or, call us. We’re here to help any time, with any questions, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant. You don’t have to buy our windows or invite us over for a 15-minute quote. We simply want to help!

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