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About Star Energy Windows

OK, you clicked. So here’s my story. Not exactly a best seller, but a little insight into how I got here.

After spending 15 years working in marketing for Kansas City radio stations and advertising agencies, I planned to have a Home Energy Audit for my house in 2009, looking to improve my windows, fix the draftiness and upgrade my insulation.

I LOVED the concept of it. LOVED the results.

Didn’t love the process so much. Hated the lack of help afterward and not getting phone calls or emails returned after we were done So I decided to forge out on my own to improve that process. I went through months of training and certifications and finally started my own Home Energy Audit company in 2009. I was super-excited to be able to help homeowners and families every single day. It was awesome. I won awards from KCP&L, the Department of Energy…And even got a proclamation from Mayor Sly James for my work in helping homeowners all over the metro to save money and live in healthier homes. Good stuff.

But after working with over 2,000 families on both sides of the state line, I kept running into the same problem over and over again: Why were people being forced to go through these two hour presentations, jump through all these hoops, sign TODAY – only to pay DOUBLE or TRIPLE what they should be paying to get new windows?

How We Got Started

Windows are an important part of a home – no doubt. The way they appear can improve the look and feel—and the resale price. They can block drafts from coming in and block the sun from heating up rooms in the Summer.

The issue is, the prices my clients were paying window companies were shockingly high. And we’re not talking about windows that looked or performed any better — just WAY too expensive. Pretty much the same as many of the other windows out there, but at two or three times the price I knew they should be, and with the same warranty. So once again, I decided I wanted to improve the process. I NEEDED to improve the process.

Star Energy Windows was born.

I promise to make sure your experience with replacing your windows is a great one – that’s something I do every day.

– Ben Meyer, Owner of Star Energy Windows & Doors

Our Commitment To You

Great quality windows at very fair prices. Unmatched customer service. Seems like a pretty basic concept, right? But how to keep the prices fair? That was the one issue everybody else seemed to have.

No high-commission, high pressure sales people. No passing on high TV and magazine advertising to my clients (Remember, I worked in Advertising! Who do you think is paying for all of those expensive TV commercials and full page magazine spreads?).

Home improvement contractors get a bad rap – and rightly so. I’ve had some bad experiences myself. But here at Star Energy Windows, it’s just me and my small staff, listening to what you need and providing what my years of experience have taught me about your home.   Answering questions day and night, for clients and non-clients alike. No down payments, no money exchanged at all until you’re happy. That’s been my basic business concept for over 10 years, and it’s worked out really great.

Free Home Energy Audit

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