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//What’s The Deal With The $199 Windows?

What’s The Deal With The $199 Windows?

Those ads you see for replacement windows as low as $199 sound tempting, but are they too good to be true? Before you follow up on an offer for a $199 window, learn more about these deals — including the fine print often excluded from those direct mailings.

What’s Included in a $199 Window?

A $199 window offer is a window, yes — a single window, bare-bones, no sun protection, nothing.

For the $199 price, you receive a plain window. If you want Low-E protection on the window, extra $100. If you want Argon gas filling between the panes, extra $100 for that. If you want paint colors or window grids, these cost more. You can see where we are heading here. You’re not paying $199. Nor should you. One of the main reasons you’re replacing your windows is probably to help block the sun and cold air from coming into your home. These windows don’t do that.

And to be honest, the $199 window companies don’t sell any of these windows. Almost nobody buys them.

While installation is included in the $199 price tag, it’s only a no-fuss installation. If the installer finds anything unusual — say they need to widen the window frame or they find lead paint in your old windows — you’ll pay extra. Since the installer cannot estimate what they might find ahead of time, you cannot budget for hidden fees.

What’s Covered In A Window Installation?

Some of the things that you would expect to be included in a window installation that the $199 window often doesn’t cover:

  • Old window removal fee
  • Foam or fiberglass insulation fee
  • Disposal of old window and cleanup fee
  • Trim fee to repair any deteriorating trim around your window so that the window can be installed
  • Window screen fee

Watch Out For Aggressive Sales Tactics

  • If you have the $199 window company out while getting replacement window quotes. Don’t be surprised if the $199 company keeps calling you, or if they say their “special offer” is expiring soon and you need to act now. With something as major as replacement windows, don’t be pressured into acting by a company trying to upsell you.
  • Ultimately, these companies expect you to upgrade from their baseline model to a nicer window (and you SHOULD!) . In other words, they know that $199 window will eventually end up costing you turning into a $500-$600 window. Rather than be lured by a marketing tactic, get honest answers from the start by working with a window company who uses a transparent pricing structure with no low-price bait that nobody ever actually pays.

Star Energy only offers Energy Star rated windows, installed by our master installers using top quality materials. Because we offer a lifetime transferable warranty, we want to make sure it’s done the right way the first time. You can be sure we’ll do our very best to make sure that’s the case for each and every customer, each and every day.

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